Create Your Brand Vibe (shown respectively in relaxed, punk, luxury, playful, retro styles)
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You’ll learn my process for discovering your vibe + how to use premade artwork (from artists around the world) to make your dreams come true.

You don't need artistic skill to create a beginner brand. All you need is a clear idea of your brand vibe. Then you can use online resources in a way that is unique and speaks to your clients because everything will match a consistent vibe.
When you finish the course, you’ll have:
• A visual identity you’re excited to share • An environment that offers a breath of relief for clients • Visuals that grow with you • The skills to make your own graphics or explain what you want to designers.

An Overview of the Lessons:

Feel free to try out a few to see if they work for you.

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  Lesson 1 | Value-Based Branding - the check-in
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  Lesson 2 | Visual Audience Research – collect the data
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days after you enroll
  Lesson 3 | Value Boarding 101 – Bringing it all together
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  Lesson 4 | Vision Mapping – make a plan (for visual learners)
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  Lesson 5 | Visual Style Basics & Examples
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  Do the Thing!
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Available in days
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I divided each main concept into mini lessons so you can get that amazing feeling of quickly checking off items on your curriculum list and then crafting a one-of-a-kind vibe!
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Hands holding an ipad outside on picnic blanket with lesson Deciphering Your Garden open
How you'll be cherished:

  • Extra workbooks, prompts, and book suggestions for those who want to dig deeper or are in hyperfocus!
  • Lifetime access to the VIBE Facebook group
  • Access to Pinterest boards with vibe suggestions for their business vibe/experience/message
  • A comprehensive workbook to guide you through the lessons, as you put together your cohesive look

This course is different from a lot of online courses. It doesn’t require artistic ability or a large understanding of tech. There’s no fluff or “looking professional just to look the part”.

You'll learn how to show up as yourself – not how someone tells you that you should show up.

The visual voyage courses (self-guided) are for the coach and educator who want a cohesive visual presence and an exciting experience for their clients that will stand out and communicate clearly with their audience.

My courses are all designed for neurodivergent minds and working moms*. Even if you don’t fall in those margins you can benefit from the adapted process. The lessons are short and sweet, available in audio, fully-captioned video and printable PDF article format. All pages can be read by text-to-voice software and all workbook pages are printer friendly. There are always little ways for moms* to include their children in the process, if desired.


*When I say moms, I speak to all womxn (cis gender, queer, trans) who are caretakers (birth, adoptive, foster, aunts, grandmas). There are a unique set of responsibilities and challenges that arise when running a business as a mom and a womxn and I take that into account.

Laura drawing brand elements (ie: logo, color, no funnels, customer profile, moodboard) on a computer illustration in the sky

Cost: Pay what you can course from $35-150.

I want this branding course to be as accessible as possible so that you can get your business off to a great start!

To do so, I use sliding scale pricing to remain accessible and also retain my creative energy to make more content & courses.

When deciding which tier to select please consider your own financial resources as well as the value a fresh authentic brand will bring to your business.

By paying full price ($150) you are supporting my ability to offer this course to those with less access to resources.


I can afford a one time payment of $150


I can afford a one time payment of $100


I can afford a one time payment of $75


I can afford a one time payment of $55


I can afford a one time payment of $35

If $35 is not accessible for you please email me at [email protected] for a free option.