Brand Audit (Check-In)

Take the quiz below. Green = Great Job! // Red = Let's work towards the green answer

The green answers and why:

  1. Your face should be on your website and on your social media. People trust people and get confused about what the business is if the brand isn't established yet. So just add your face to the about page and the social profile picture and you're good!
  2. All of your fonts should be the same. This means the body text (paragraphs) should be the same font and the headings should be the same. For example: Headings can be Playfair and the body text can be Helvetica. If you have Helvetica and Arial and it keeps switching back and forth that makes it harder for the viewer's brain to associate your brand quickly.
  3. If you aren't excited to share your brand with others then it's time to complete this whole course and make something you're happy to share! People can feel your emotions around the design.
  4. You don't have to get your photos done professionally, but they do need to be clear. Are they serving a purpose? What is the photo of? If the lighting clear enough that people can see what the subject is. Do the images help the content? Even better if the photos are something someone would want to save for later.
  5. Make sure people know what they should do when they get to your website. Use high-contrast colors so the buttons or images they need to click are obvious.
  6. If you can't read your logo from far away then it's time to simplify it. Pull out the most important piece and use that instead. The best beginner logos are the ones that are just a simple font that matches your vibe. So see what you come up with at the end of this course!

Want to go more in depth auditing your visual presence? Download the workbook below as a little bonus goodie for you :-)